Conditions / Hire Charges


NOT BEFORE 3pm on the day of arrival.

At busy times, you may be asked to depart by 2pm.

Earlier access than the allotted time can be made on request when booking.  A charge for this extra time will be made.

We take bookings on trust, and hirers must pay for the full number of people booked to stay at the Bunkhouse.

HIRE CHARGES (with effect from 1st January 2020) –

Please note:   prices quoted are for a 24 HOUR PERIOD, if you wish to stay longer an additional charge of £10.00 per hour will be made.

1.  Scout and Guide Groups, Boys and Girls Brigades, D of E,   Princes Trust.

          £9.50 per person per night with a minimum hire charge of £95.00 per night

2.  Charges for All Other Groups:

          £15.50 per person per night with a minimum hire charge of £155.00 per night

3.  Deposit – Non-Refundable

(a)  for Scout and Guide Groups, Boys and Girls Brigade, D of E, Princes Trust – £95.00

(b)  for all other groups – £155.00

3.  Day Visitors

Day Visitors visiting resident groups –   Children £3.50 per head  / Adults  £4.00 per head

4.  Heating (1st October to 31st March/30th April – weather dependent)

There will be an additional charge of £10.00 per day for all bookings from 1st October to 31st March/30th April (weather dependent) to cover extra heating costs.

It is important to note that prices are reviewed on an annual basis – usually during October – to take effect from 1st January.  We reserve the right to change our prices when appropriate and these charges will be attributed to the hirer.


1.  1st April – 30th September     –  £10.00 per hour (full hour)

2.  1st October – 31st March        –  £11.00 per hour (full hour) – Weather Dependent


Payment to be made two weeks before arrival by bank transfer (bacs) to Lôn y Bugail Trust.   If you are unable to pay by bank transfer we will accept a cheque, but there will be a surcharge of 50p per cheque

Sort Code 40-17-20 A/C no 10232386   Ref:  your group

Please Note: If there is a need to review the hire charges in future, anyone who has already made a booking and confirmed with payment of a deposit, they will have the hire charge honoured.


We only allow GUIDE/HEARING/ASSISTANCE dogs into the building.


Any electrical equipment being brought for use in the Bunkhouse must be PAT tested by a qualified electrician.   The responsibility for this remains with the hirer.


Please let us know of any damage to the Bunkhouse or equipment.   You may be asked to pay for any repair or replacement costs due to damage or loss caused while the Bunkhouse was hired to you.

Provisional bookings will be accepted.  However, the confirmation and deposit must be returned within TWO WEEKS or the booking will be deemed to be cancelled.

Please return completed booking form by email.

If you are unable to return the booking form via email, please contact us for our postal address, as we have no letterbox at the Bunkhouse.


Booking form can be downloaded using the link below

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